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OFDA Political Action Committee (P.A.C.)

Federal and state legislation to regulate the death care industry is on the horizon. It could cost you a little, or it could cost you a lot, but it will cost you. It is estimated that companies with fewer than twenty workers spend almost $6,975 per employee on paperwork and burdensome regulations.

Legislation and government regulations are considered and crafted everyday in this country. While you and I are working in our businesses, serving families that come through our doors, Congress and our State Legislature are deciding how our businesses should operate and what kind of provisions are necessary for us to comply with “their” idea of running “our” business.

We can’t be at the Capitol and in the halls of Congress everyday, monitoring the ideas of the elected officials and regulators who implement and enforce these policies, but we have lobbyists that can and do.

There are innumerable benefits to having someone always in the mix in Salem and Washington, D.C. watching out for the bill that is being “sneaked in” during a committee hearing and to provide a constant representation of our profession and our industry.

Without our lobbyists, we would be without a voice to register our concerns and oppositions to burdensome, costly and unnecessary policies and regulations that dictate how we run our business and how we must comply with such requirements. It is frightening really to imagine in today’s climate, what would happen to our businesses and our profession if we had no representation.

Congress can be very slow to act, but very quick to react. When tragedies occur that garner national attention, there is an immediate reaction by elected officials and regulators to quickly react by instituting restrictive business practices with stiff penalties.

But there is also a pro-active value when we can share a positive perspective, using our lobbyists as a vehicle for testifying before committees and meeting with legislators to help craft public policy that is in the best interest of consumers and funeral service providers alike.

As Congress looks at increasing legislation to regulate the death care industry, this will open the door for states to follow suit. This is where you can make a difference for our profession and the industry by contributing to the OFDA PAC and in the end, it won’t cost you anything.

That’s right! The state of Oregon will give you $50 to help protect and defend your business and our industry through the Oregon Political Tax Credit.

Here's how it works…

You write a check for up to $50 per person ($100 per couple) to the OFDA PAC, and then when you file your Oregon state income tax form you get all that money back. Your first $50 (per person) is a dollar for dollar tax credit. If you are getting a refund from the state, it’s fifty dollars more, and if you owe state income taxes – it’s $50 less! Call the OFDA Office at 503.639.1186 for more details.

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