OFDA Master Trust

OFDA Master Trust


Take time for informed decisions and assure the ultimate gift - peace of mind. It makes good sense to prepare for life's important events, including death. Planning ahead enables you to make careful decisions with loved ones based on lifestyle and budget. Service and merchandise options can be selected calmly.


  • Available to all, regardless of age or health
  • Amount set aside up to you
  • Beliefs reflected by your choices
  • Benefit of guaranteeing final expenses, if preferred
  • Burial and funeral expenses often excluded from SSI resources
  • Comfort in being prepared and helping loved ones
  • Confidence in plan management with flexibility for changes
  • Control of spending with survivors freed from hard decisions
  • Commemoration of life in accordance with your wishes


You can have confidence in the National Funeral Trust Service. The National Funeral Trust Service is a prearrangement plan offered to you by the professional members of the Oregon Funeral Directors Association to cover funeral and cemetery expenses. A legal agreement is made between you and the funeral home reflecting your wishes and the amount of money to be set aside in the trust. Your funds are deposited with a major financial institution and then invested in accordance with Oregon law (ORS 128.423). The accounts in the N.F.T.S. Master Trust are actively managed by an independent professional money manager. Prompt payment is assured for final expenses.


It's easy for anyone to set up a funeral trust with the help of your funeral director. Choose a licensed professional member of the Oregon Funeral Directors Association to explain your options and abide by your wishes. You can visit the funeral home to get information with no obligation. The funeral home is registered with the Oregon Secretary of State to offer this trust.

The N.F.T.S. trust is available to everyone, regardless of age or health. Any responsible person can establish a funeral trust for a relative or friend. The amount deposited depends on the services you prefer and whether you choose to pay in full or by installments. You can even choose a guaranteed trust that locks in today's prices and protects you against price increases.


The N.F.T.S. Trust is flexible. Revocable trusts may be canceled and all funds returned to you. In the event of a move, your funds are transferrable to another funeral home. You have the option to make changes in your prearrangement plan. Should you be on, or need, state assistance, your trust money may be exempt from inclusion as a financial resource.

FUNERAL SERVICE AGENCY (FSA) - Managing Board for NFTS Master Trust

The managing Board of Directors for the N.F.T.S. Master Trust is comprised of funeral home and cemetery owners who are trust participants.

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